TiVo Slideshow

Disclaimer: Use this at your own Risk! Always back up your Tivo before using any hack! The utility could cause your Tivo to do horrific things, including, but not limited to: playing the Rosie O’Donnel show over and over, calling your friends and hanging up when they answer, or bursting into flame. By using this or any utility written by Jake, you do so at your own risk. No warranties, expressed or implied… etc. Use this and you agree not to sue me…

About Slideshow

Slideshow will take a directory of jpegs and display them sequentially while the tivo is in standby.

This is a development version of slideshow. this means you can count on it to:

(a) be unstable
(b) crash a lot
(4) possibly screw up your tivo


  • Thanks to [mbm] (embeem) for all his help. [mbm] pretty much helped me learn everything I know about coding for the Tivo in C. This includes the OSD routines.
  • Thanks to the libjpeg people for their fine library. head on over to their site to download the source to libjpeg, it compiles fine for the TiVo without any modifications.


Version 1.0a did not operate with modern versions of the TiVo operating system. This is why I have removed the download link. Graham, who also has improved jpegwriter, has developed a TCL version of the slideshow application. Visit Graham’s slideshow page for more info.