Archived Content

Some pages on this site have the “Archived Content” stamp. This is to alert users that the information contained on these pages is older content that is maintained for archival purposes. I tend to make very few updates to archived pages, and they are left for historical or reference purposes only.

Some examples of archived content on this site:

  1. Source code and other development projects for older, obsolete, or discontinued operating systems or hardware platforms. For example, most of my TiVo work is obsolete and designed to run on older versions of TivoOS.
  2. Reference pages for outdated hardware. My BEFW11S4 pages are an example of this. The content is for an obsolete router from Linksys. Many people still refer to these pages. The content is also somewhat relevant to other routers out there.
  3. Stuff that I’ve lost interest in and no longer wish to maintain.

This content is left online in the hopes that it helps someone, somewhere. Please don’t expect updates or changes to these pages. They are no longer actively maintained.