Samsung SPH-i300

Samsung SPH-i300 Smartphone

The Samsung i300 is a PalmOS based Palm Phone. While it doesn’t have the features found in some other PalmPhones (the Treo for example), I prefer the form factor and grafitti area over the alternatives. The i300 was relaced by the i330, and subsequent models. These phones are really old, and I doubt anyone uses them anymore. Even still, here is some information about my development efforts for this device.
Samsung never released an SDK. This makes some of the cool features unavailable to developers: for example, the ability to remove the graffiti area like the PhoneApp does, or the ability to dial the phone like the date book.

I have taken it upon myself to reverse engineer the i300. As of now, I’ve provided open source examples of how to enlarge the screen to use the entire area by removing the graffiti area and a phone dialer function for use in other applications.

Other things that I’ve discovered include: getting the current unit’s phone number, triggering the ringer, and blinking the LED. I have opted not to release source code to these things because PDAapps uses similar techniques in their applications…. (though in my opinion, their techniques aren’t as good as the ones I’ve demonstrated.

Blair’s Quick Skin Kit

Blair at the i300 forum has posted his Quick Skin Kit. Go take a look at his site here. I’ve also posted a mirror of his kit. Thanks Blair!

Blair’s Quick Skin Kit for SPH-i300

SPH-i300 Hacking Techniques

Are you interested in the techniques I used to reverse engineer the i300’s libraries? Take a look here for information on how I discovered the ability to remove the Grafitti area and use the full screen of the i300.

Making skins for the i300 Grafitti Hack

The i300 Grafitti Hack makes it possible to customize your i300 by changing the graphic displayed in the soft graffiti area. Here are the basic instructions on how you can compile our own skin collections. For help, go to The i300 Forums rather than emailing me. There are lots of people there willing to help (including myself). You’ll probably get a quicker answer too. 🙂