HiptopVNC is a VNC client for the Danger Hiptop. The last I worked with it, it was functional on a Hiptop2 device. There was one bug that I was never able to track down that caused random disconnects at times. Other than that, it was fairly functional.

HiptopVNC Screenshot 2HiptopVNC Screenshot 1

HiptopVNC source code – the latest working version (working doesn’t indicate that it was fully functional, only that this was my working copy). I could have left it in mid thought, and for all I know it doesn’t work. It is released under GPL. Good luck.

HiptopVNC source code v1.0b2 – Another version of the source code that I had previously released. This probably works… though I don’t make any guarantees.

Both of these are for Hiptop2 versions of the SDK (possibly older) so you may have some work to do to get them compiled for modern SDKs and Hiptop devices.