Penfold Splash ScreenPenfold is an application for the Danger Hiptop which allows the user to assign sound effects to any system sound event.

Penfold Events ScreenThe main screen provides folder list of system events that you can reassign. In beta 0.2, there are some events that are not used by the Hiptop OS. Sounds cannot be assigned to these events. They may be removed from the list in a later version

Penfold MyTones ScreenBefore assigning tones to system events, the user should populate the “MyTones” list. This is done from the MyTones screen, which allows the user to organize their sounds into folders. WAVs, MIDIs, RMIs, and AIFFs can be loaded into MyTones, however they must be properly encoded for the hiptop because they are loaded directly to the device without the benefit of the backend service to transcode them.

Penfold Add Tones ScreenTo add sounds to MyTones, use the the Add Tones dialog. Note that some settings can be modified later from the Tone Properties dialog, while others cannot. You must chose your flash and vibrate settings at the time of loading the sound because they cannot be changed later.

Penfold Assign Tones ScreenAfter MyTones is populated, you can assign tones from the main screen using the “Assign” function.


Penfold Beta 0.51

  • 0.51 fixes a bug which makes the app unusable. Sorry.
  • Removed timeout. This version will not expire!
  • Added ‘nuke tones’ keystroke. See below.
  • A few minor bug fixes.

I have found that the consumed resource issue is not as severe as I first thought. The resource ID’s seem to have quite a high upper limit. In my testing on the simulator, I found that it would take several years of near constant tone loading to exhaust the counter. Hence I’ve decided that it isn’t a problem. However, I have given the MENU-SHIFT-N command to nuke all tones and reset the counter should someone wish to. Use it at your own risk. It will remove all tones, both internal and external to Penfold.

The following file is the source to Penfold as it stands on my hard drive at the current time. I don’t know if I left it in working order. At the very least, you’ll have to fix it to work with modern versions of the Hiptop SDK.

Answers to questions

Why the name ‘Penfold’?

Penfold is Danger Mouse’s Sidekick. Get it?