Danger Hiptop

The Danger Hiptop is my current phone of choice. I find the keyboard and flip out display to be the ideal form factor for a smartphone, far superior to the Treo or the Windows Mobile offerings.

I haven’t been actively developing for the device for quite some time. Here is a list of some of my projects.

Last Modified Project/Link Status Description
21-Oct-2004 GMail Broswser Discontinued A Gmail viewer for the Danger Hiptop. Currently supports viewing only of the inbox. Paging and message/tread views are supported. Working as of 12-Oct-2004, however, Google has been known to change their system and break the application. Discontinued since GMail now supports POP access.
14-Oct-2004 TTSService Beta A really craptacular text-to-speech synthesizer based on a JavaWorld Article. It works, but it sounds pretty bad. No user interface. It is meant to be called by other applications, but you can call it from the Developer’s console. Bundle for T-mo Hiptop 2.
8-Oct-2004 JumpServices Completed
JumpServices is a small app for the Hiptop which allows you to reorder apps in the chooser. It allows you to load and save this ordering, and reload the order automatically on boot. The app doesn’t have a user interface. All control is done through the Hiptop developer console.
26-Sep-2004 VoxMail Sample Code VoxMail is a bit of sample code designed to demonstrate some of the new audio features in the Hiptop 2.0 OS. Users seem to think its more useful than just sample code, as it allows you to record, encode, and email your recording all from your Hiptop 2. I will not be updating this bundle as new OS builds are released. Download the source and compile it if you need it!
17-Feb-2004 Cognet++ Lost Interest A member of the Conget++ project, a client-server archetecture for messaging across unreliable network links. The primary use is for accessing IRC from the Danger Hiptop, however it could easily be extended for other uses and other devices.
6-Feb-2004 HiptopVNC Nearly complete A VNC client for the Danger Hiptop smart phone. Allows remote control of servers and desktops using the RFB (remote frame buffer) protocol.
17-Jan-2004 Penfold Never Finished A sound remapper for the Danger Hiptop platform. Allows users to assign their own sound effects to various Hiptop system events.