NUdrop ScreenshotWhat is NUdrop?

An application designed to be used as a backdrop for your Newton. Its main feature is tabs for quick access to the items in your drawer. The downloadable pkg of NUDrop has been on my Newton for several years and I recovered the package by emailing it to myself from there.

Use it at your own risk. (As always)

What does it cost?

NUdrop has always been free. In the day, I enjoyed giving a way a full featured backdrop app while others charged for it. It also advertised for the Newton Underground besides. If I recall, I did ‘sell’ a few versions with custom logos for a nominal fee. However, now that I’ve released the code you are free to update the logo and layout. I do request you keep a Newton Underground logo somewhere in the about screen as a remembrance of that old site.

Some notes about NUdrop

I think the version I have up here (which came off my Newton) is newer than the screenshot and the source code I have handy. Better something than nothing. I’ll look for the most recent version of the source. However, I’m amazed that I found this version at all. 🙂


Want to try NUdrop? Before downloading the package, remember, this package is provided as-is. Use it at your own risk. Download it here.

The WinNTK source code can be downloaded here: NUDrop WinNTK Source Code
Drop me a line if you have any problems, comments, or suggestions. I’ll do my best to reply.