Newton BT-001

What is the BT-001

Simply put the BT-001 is an internal bluetooth module for the Newton 2×00. It’s based on the same idea as PCBMan’s SER-001.

How does it work?

Version 1.1 uses a Ericsson ROK 101 008 Bluetooth module. I bought several on eBay. These modules are Bluetooth 1.1 qualified, class 2 with an HCI interface.Version 1.0 was based on a BlueRadios radio module. It had a a 126 buffer IC on there to isolate the module when the external port is in use.

Does it work?

Yes it works. I have successfully transferred items using Obex and Blunt to my Powerbook.The 1.1 prototype currently has the following issues:

  • Range is limited. I can get around 5 ft with the back cover of the Newton off. Almost no range with the cover on. I haven’t explored scraping off the shielding on the back cover. I hope this isn’t due to bad RF design, but it probably is.
  • Currently it has the some difficulty fitting inside the case. I think this is because of the Samtec connector and I have some ideas how to fix it.
  • The module seems to not startup properly sometimes, maybe a gpio reset might fix this.

The 1.0 prototype had two problems:

  • I made a mistake on the hardware flow control. (It was inverted, which I knew, but then forgot completely when I designed the circuit.) Bascially, I cut the hardware flow control out and soldered a small jumper on the prototype to bypass.
  • I had thought that the newton automatically toggles the gpSerPortSel pin, but for some reason mine isn’t right now. I have a small application that does it for me to select the internal card.

What’s it look like?

The v1.1 version:


The v1.0 version:


What’s it look like?

You can download the board files here, MIT Licensed. Have fun, but use at your own risk. I am not responsible if these (possibly incomplete and flawed) designs break your Newton (or worse).

Newton Board Designs for Eagle PCB (