Apple Newton

Who is Jake?

Those of you who have been Newton users since the early days, you might remember The Newton Underground. The site was run by Will Nelson. Will and I became friends, and I eventually started moderating the underground along with Will.

What newton software has Jake written?

NUGdrop a backdrop application. NUGdrop was unique because of its extras drawer tabs. These tabs allowed quick access to the different folders within the extras drawer.

Hopperlink was a plugin for Adam Tow’s ‘HyperNewt’. It allowed you to link to URLs in Net Hopper from Hypernewt.

I also wrote a small battery meter app whose name escapes me. It was basically a test for a UI widget which docked a small tab to the side of the screen.

What’s new from Jake?

NewtonIM is a jabber client. For more information, and a download, visit the Newton IM page.

NUdrop is a backdrop application with tabbed access to the drawer. You can find it here.

The BT-001 is Jake’s attempt at hardware development. Its a bluetooth module for the internal port of the MessagePad 2×00. Sadly, bad RF antenna design seems to have doomed the project.