BEFW11S4 Firmware Versions

This information was taken from the last firmware’s release notes (1.44.2z).  I might try to track down some zip files of older firmware and link them.  If you have some older firmware zips laying around, let me know.

Ver #.





  1. Fixed UPnP functions



  1. Added AOL Parental controls support
  2. Fixed xml authentication bypass issue.
  3. Fixed UPnP buffer Overflow issue.
  4. Fixed password change without authentication.
  5. Added user defined port number for Remote Management.
  6. Fixed Lynx connection to the router without Proper Authentication.
  7. Fixed reboot problem with Long Passwords.
  8. Removed SPI option in the Filter tab for stability.
  9. Changed UPnP link speed displayed in XP from 3.2M bps to 10M bps.
  10. Updated assignment of DNS IP address to the PC.
  11. Changed DNS Relay functionality.
  12. Changed Keyword UPnP request to no longer be case sensitive.
  13. Changed default setting for UPnP to Disable



  1. Added Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
  2. Support Multiple LAN client ping to one WAN host.
  3. Configured changes will not long reset on (Password, DHCP, MAC Filter, Forwarding, DMZ, MAC Address Cloning)
  4. Multiple IPsec pass through
  5. Add Lease time,DNS, and WINS option in DHCP
  6. Support Wireless station MAC addresss filter and active station address table.
  7. Fixed problem with WEP communication with non-WEP enabled Systems.
  8. Fixed SSID acception of space characters.
    Force MTU to 1492 when PPPoE option is used in the setup page.
  9. Provide user to select PAP/CHAP in PPPoE and support ISP reject magic number.
  10. Fixed the problem that the system will send out ARP requrest with random target hardware addresss.
  11. Allow user to enable or disable SSID broadcast



  1. Supports Antenna Selection in advanced Wireless section
  2. Fix routing table issues
  3. Corrected PPPoE error message
  4. added DNS relay, SPI, MTU, Port Trigger,
  5. Added Keep alive redial period.
  6. Support for 3com dual link ADSL modem
  7. Improved throughput
  8. Improved wireless stability
  9. Fixed intermitten reset when two wireless and wired pinged each other
  10. Fixed stability with Halflife game
  11. Upgrade function to maintain the user’s settings
  12. Fixed problem with windows 98 DHCP renewal function
  13. Added Ability to communicate with wireless client using XP
  14. redisplay log page after apply and continue button is clicked.
  15. removed web upgrade function (temporarily)
  16. Add PPPTP WAN connection type
  17. Setup page simplified with WAN connection type
  18. Added DHCP Keep alive function (ping every 2 mine to dhcp server)
  19. Added support for Lucent, Cisco, Symbol, 3com.
  20. Adjusted WAN to LAN priority: NAT->SA->Forwarding->DMZ



  1. Added advanced Wireless features
  2. WLAN in MAC-OS
  3. PPPoE Connection
  4. Wep 64/128-bit
  5. Lose connection when File Transfer resolved
  6. Wireless VPN issue resolved
  7. MAC Address display resolved
  8. Closes WEP and MAC Filter sub-windows after the Apply Button is clicked.
  9. Resolved watchdog timer expired while wireless send large packets.
  10. Solve WAN to LAN (DMZ) buffer release.
  11. Resolved VPN connection through wireless
  12. Resolved Webpad with Windows CE 3.0 not able to use WEP.



  1. Optimized Wireless sessions for stability.



Official Release