Doppel: Introduction

Doppel is a collaborative web browser designed to mirror a browsing session between two devices. Doppel employs several techniques to share the browsing experience, such as connection sharing and disk caching.


Doppel uses bluetooth to connect devices together for sharing web content. Tap the icon on both devices and choose the device you would like to connect to. After accepting the connecton on the other device, you are ready to collaborate! Tap the icon again to disconnect.


Doppel has several options that you can use to control your browsing collaboration. Tap on the icon to show the “Settings” screen.


The “mirrored navigation” switch will allow you to link the navigation of the browsing session between devices. If you visit a site on one device, then the other device will navigate to this site as well. “Mirrored navigation” need to be enabled in the settings on both devices.

Note: Some content providers may provide or redirect content differently between devices, and you may not see an exact replica of the site on both devices.


The “mirrored scrolling” switch will allow you to link the scrolling between the devices.

Note: Due to the fact that content may be rendered differently on various devices, you may not see precise scrolling between the two browsers. The “mirrored scrolling” tool attempts to scroll to approximately the same position on the page based on the height and width of the page.

Flashlight Tool

The flashlight tool allows you to highlight a portion of a page. Tap the  icon to start the flashlight tool. The screen will dim. Taping anythere on the screen will result in a highlight in the area you touch. This highlight will be replicated for the other browser.

Note: Due to the fact that content may be rendered differently on various devices, the flashlight tool may not prcisely position the highlight across devices. The flashlight tool will attempt to position the highlight based on the relative psoition on the page given the pages height and width. Doppel will warn you if the pages are drastically different in portions between devices, or if you are currently viewing different sites.

Cache & Network

Doppel uses disk cache to speed the browsing session. You can clear this cache from the settings screen. Doppel will favor the cache and the best network interface for loading web content. If no other sources are available, the device will attempt to retrieve the content from the peer’s cache or network resources, though performance may be significantly reduced in this case.